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London UK Maker Meetup

Postby Jonathan louis » Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:20 am

Hi all,

My Name is Jonathan Louis and i am an Engineer/Maker from London in the United Kingdom.
I am yet to get my flexi hand and raptor reloaded hand approved so i can start making a difference out there. (Videos to be submitted soon!)
I have access to a couple of Ultimaker printers and a Prusa i3MK2s which i would like to put to work building hands for those in need.
I'm posting today to see if there are others in London who would like to meetup and share their experiences is making hands for e-nable.
I can host a meetup within Central or South east London during a weekday evening if anyone would like to meet.

Please reply to this post if you think this would be a great idea and i will get it setup.
Hope to meet you all soon.

Happy making!

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