Material used - PLA?

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Material used - PLA?

Postby tenjin » Sun Apr 05, 2015 10:38 pm


I'm interested in helping but I'm a novice with regards to 3D printing. I have no idea if my printer would be suitable.

Are the prints made in PLA or ABS, or some other material? What is the minimum print bed size I would need to print one of the models?



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Re: Material used - PLA?

Postby LydiaOST » Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:49 am

Hi Darren,
Yes, we use PLA and ABS for most of our designs. The Flexi-hand uses Filaflex. Laird, an experienced Fabricator in our group said, "you want a printer with a print bed that's 6x9 or larger, so you can print parts for adults. This is a pretty common print bed size, for example, Makerbot Replicator or Flashforge Creator. Larger print areas (e.g. Ultimaker) would be fine, of course.

Printers with very small print areas (Printerbot Simple, or M3D, for example) could print parts for small kids, but not adults. So while they cost less, they're limited in use relative to e-NABLE."
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