How to easily share 3D files in the forums

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How to easily share 3D files in the forums

Postby andreas » Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:39 am

We set up the forums here to allow users to attach and embed inline images, but we aren't going to support attaching STLs, OBJs, or CAD filetypes. This decision was chiefly driven by the fact that this is a research and development forum and posted files are of designs-in-progress and will become rapidly obsolete, quickly filling up our hosting server with old files that will need to be periodically removed. Instead, we ask that users of the forums use Github, DropBox, Box, or Google Drive links for sharing 3D files.

Screenshot 2015-02-15 17.30.02.png
An STL file on Github. The file can be downloaded by clicking the "Raw" button.
Screenshot 2015-02-15 17.30.02.png (166.71 KiB) Viewed 1122 times

I really like using Github for sharing my e-NABLE design files. Github is typically used for version and source control for code, but in the past couple years have expanded capabilities to support STLs and 3D printing applications. Feel free to take a look at my enableRnD repo for an example. Github also has a great GUI for Mac and Windows that doesn't require using the terminal and makes it easy to manage your design files.

By navigating to an STL file hosted on github, you can link to it using the URL for the file like this: ... -10-14.stl

To create a direct download link, right click on the "Raw" button on the STL's file page and select "Copy Link Address", which will let users directly download the file by clicking the link: ... -10-14.stl

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