Where to send assembled phoenix hands?

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Where to send assembled phoenix hands?

Postby lizaraujo » Sun Jun 18, 2017 4:11 am


Back in 2016, my son (Bruno Coelho) and I helped create at the Sonoma Country Day School (SCDS - Santa Rosa, CA) an e-Nable Club. Bruno and I are e-Nable volunteers since Fall 2015. In May 2016, the SCDS e-Nable Club printed, assembled, and sent 22 hands (raptor reloaded and phoenix) to Melina Brown at the e_Nable Community Foundation. These hands were sent after the SCDS e-Nable Club test hands were approved. Bruno graduated last year (8th grade) but a new 8th grade student, trained by us, continue with the club and built 17 new phoenix hands (left and right, 110% scale). These hands are ready to be sent to e-Nable, but the hand submission procedure changed in the last year. I can see in the website a way of submitting hands' parts, but not assembled hands. So, my question is, to whom we should send these hands?

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Elizeth Araujo (Liz)

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