Getting started and confused as heck

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Getting started and confused as heck

Postby jmsloane » Wed Dec 27, 2017 1:10 pm

Hello there!
My name is Justin, I am an avid cosplayer and 3d modeler/printer. I am learning 3ds Max 2017 and will be starting on Maya. I am very new to modeling but have done a few things of my own. I am looking to become a match for someone in need of a limb. I have no problem purchasing kits to make the limbs but have no idea how I am supposed to get paired up with someone. The instructions are confusing to me, am I supposed to just print one and submit a photo for approval? Am I supposed to get this credily badge first for the pheonix hand before i can match with someone to get it printed and help? Please let me know what I need to do to get involved and donate my time and resources to this amazing cause!

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Re: Getting started and confused as heck

Postby bricknerd » Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:57 pm

Hi Justin,

I assume you've worked it out since this was posted over 6 weeks ago, but here's a reply anyway.

I'm a new volunteer as well, and I will agree it's pretty confusing. I think the main problem is the branching if information that has occurred since the organization was founded, as well as the fact that it's global and so many people want to help so the signal to noise gets a bit high. I think some work can be done to streamline the process of getting involved.

The first step is to build a test hand, which in itself can be a confusing matter. I started with a team unlimbited Phoenix hand, which was already a bit mind boggling because the customizer in Thingiverse is presently broken. I downloaded the .scad file from thingiverse and output the .stl files in openscad, you have to output several times, one object group at a time.

I ordered a phoenix hand kit from 3D Universe, it has enough supplies for two hands. Or you can source all the materials locally or online.

Once your hand is assembled and working, you shoot a video and submit it for approval. Just visit the Submissions thread and follow the instructions. Once approved you'll be invited to join Credly, where you will get a badge proving you've been approved.

Then you'll log into e-NABLE Web Central, where you can view and volunteer for cases with a global map.

That's as much as I know, I'm still waiting for my Credly badge and viewing cases, I'll take on my first hand for someone in need soon I hope.


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