Model Source Files for e-NABLE Hands

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Model Source Files for e-NABLE Hands

Postby Ken Bice » Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:00 pm

I have been collecting links to source files for as many e-NABLE devices as I can. I had posted my Google spreadsheet on the e-NABLE R&D Collaborations Facebook page, and had significant contributions, especially from Michael Howland and Jacquin Buchanan. I then also had Erick Nateras fill in new tabs with other, non- e-NABLE devices.
Here's the current (and updateable) spreadsheet:

There was a good discussion of source files and complexity with providing them by Jacquin Buchanan. You can find the Google+ posting here:
You will see that Peter Binkley noted that his designs only exist in .Blend format.
I have also contacted Steve Wood (Gyrobot) who indicates he uses MeshMixer to create the STL files directly.

So there may not be a good way to gather all source files. Meanwhile, I will try to update the referenced spreadsheet as I find any more design source files, and when/if any new designs are made available.

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