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Institutional Review Board

Postby CarlUVaBME » Thu Jul 30, 2015 3:53 pm

Hey all,

My name is Carl and I am a Biomedical Engineer at the University of Virginia, and we have been printing the hands for a few months now, but would really like to establish the infrastructure locally to donate these hands to those in need. In order to do this, an Institutional Review Board (IRB) would need to be written and approved. We are currently in contact with some IRB consultants at the school and have a general template, but if anyone has any experience with this and would like to share, that could help us significantly shorten the amount of time for approval.

Let us know, we are really excited about moving forward!
Carl Lewenhaupt

Peregrine Hawthorn
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Re: Institutional Review Board

Postby Peregrine Hawthorn » Thu Jul 30, 2015 4:21 pm

If you want to learn about how we usually go about donating hands, try contacting e-Nable Matcher on the google plus page.
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Re: Institutional Review Board

Postby jmankoff » Mon Aug 24, 2015 2:21 am

Are you at a medical school? We are not, and our University prefered to separate hand production (a study) from releasing hands (a post study option handled with a liability form).

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