Development of standardisation for parts

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Development of standardisation for parts

Postby droomurray » Thu Feb 19, 2015 11:48 am


With cool development for tension box solutions and not to long ago we saw slightly modified fingers with nails for the raptor reloaded I think it would be really good if all different device elements could be brought together to make them inter-changeable between the different hand designs ?

This would offer the most flexibility to try and mix and match different components to different recipients and their needs.
Any thoughts on how feasible this is and how it could be developed ?


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Re: Development of standardisation for parts

Postby laird » Thu Feb 19, 2015 4:38 pm

We've discussed this a bit. Andreas has thought about this, I know.

My thought is that we need to standardize the physical interfaces, such as:
- Wrist: Palm to gauntlet.
- Tensioner to gauntlet (e.g. the slot in Raptor and Raptor Reloaded). We're already seeing several swappable tensioner mechanisms.
- Knuckles: Fingers to palm, allowing use of different fingers with a palm.

This would include dimensions and clearances, where lines run, etc.
- Laird Popkin

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Re: Development of standardisation for parts

Postby droomurray » Fri Feb 20, 2015 1:06 am


Yes, that's exactly the kind of interface standards I was eluding to; so different elements could become interchangeable.

While googling the other day I noted they are quite a few open source designs, and some have interesting elements that would be good to evaluate mixed together. Unfortunately my schedule has so far prohibited me from developing my modelling skills to be able to do any of the customisation required.

Making the part pick and mix could have some really interesting developments.


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Re: Development of standardisation for parts

Postby LydiaOST » Fri Feb 20, 2015 5:36 pm

Drew, feel free to describe the testing you wish you had time to do and post the links to the designs you came across that you'd like to mix. Someone may have more time to model and test, and be just as curious as you are. Someone (or multiple someones) could take this and run with it if you lay out what you would do if you had time. :)

--which designs (with each design's link listed with it)
--what elements were interesting about them
--what was interesting about those elements
--which elements would combine with which and why (this probably will overlap with previous items on this list).
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