use of braided fishing line warnning

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use of braided fishing line warnning

Postby n2ri » Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:27 pm

being a facility engineer/safety officer and licensed 1st class stationary Engineer most my life's career and having used all types of fishing line most my life and many styles of equipment for them. I can say without question. it is extreamly abrasive on all materials including metals and ceramics. it is more harsh than any hacksaw and cuts into the hardest materials in just 1 fishing seasons use. the only way to prevent it from destroying what it is used on is to have small stainless steel roller bearing pulleys at every contact point along its path. similar to that on the bail of a spinning reel where the line is wound onto reel. all static line guides or eyes like on fishing poles must be replaced annually due to being cut through with grooves made when braided line glides through them. so any ABS etc that is rubbed on with such line will be ruined in a few weeks use without this modification. also this line comes in many high strengths up to 100 pounds test which is how much is needed minimum to break it, and very thin making it very hazardous if grabbed with hand etc and pulled it will cut to the bone faster than a razor. thus fishermen must ware a sharp knife they can access and open with 1 hand in case entangled for instant release to prevent injury or death. and for line snags they carry a metal shaft/dowel to twist around line like a tourniquet so they can pull line and either break hook loose or line from hook unless its to strong of test limit then they must cut it and loose the costly length of line. this line also kills wildlife and damages boat motors etc when entangled. so this needs to be addressed for safety and damage control issues b4 moving forward. as its not just an easy way to find strong string. this line if used needs to incorporate said pulleys and also be covered and kept out of access for use by minors at least.

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Re: use of braided fishing line warnning

Postby Peregrine Hawthorn » Wed Sep 30, 2015 10:27 pm

Hello n2ri,

This has been an area of concern in the past, and is definitely an area to look at. So far it's been mostly speculation, as we don't have any record (that I know of) of a hand breaking or suffering damage due to abrasion.

However, if you look at the Osprey, we've addressed this issue nonetheless, by replacing the braided cable with stiff nylon monofilament.
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Re: use of braided fishing line warnning

Postby Neptune » Thu Oct 15, 2015 3:52 pm

This isn't an issue with all types of line. Spyderwire definately! Fireline much less so if at all. Nanofil or bonded Fireline not a problem.
I have fished with all of them and know exactly what n2ri is talking about. I think it definitely should be looked at from a cost and strength benefits standpoint.

I'd be willing to do some tests if those concerned could provide test scenarios.

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