Need Help with Printing Problem

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Need Help with Printing Problem

Postby bobrieg1 » Wed Aug 01, 2018 1:04 am

Hi Everyone

I'm a raw beginner with 3-D printing, and I just completed building a Unimaker Original Plus (Great kit!). I'm now producing test prints, and calibrating, etc. My goal is to produce prosthetic limbs, and I've chosen the Phoenix V2 to begin.

Attached are two photos of the gauntlet of the Phoenix V2, a rather large flat piece. What I'm experiencing are random blobs and "smeared", or "melted" regions. You can see they appear in both the initial layers (gauntlet bottom, on the bed), and the top (gauntlet top, note region around right hole). I have experimented with various settings, including heater and bed temps, layer thickness, print speed and fan speed. I'm using PLA, and have reduced heater temp to 180C, bed temp to 54C, layer thickness to 0.15mm and speed to 100 on the Unimaker. The fan speed is 50%, but doesn't seem to affect the frequency of errors. Reducing the heater temp from an original 190C helped a lot, but the errors still appear. Print adhesion to the heated bed is good even though the temp is 54C. Most of my print appears (to me) very good, but the random error regions are frustrating.

I have a couple of questions, for which any guidance is greatly appreciated:

1. What is causing these random patches, or "blobs" during the printing...and therefore, what can be adjusted to eliminate them.
2. Should I expect a perfect print, or are these areas unavoidable, and therefore normal? Is my finished piece of sufficient quality for a limb once cleanup is conducted?

Thanks, everyone, for any sharing of your expertise and experience.

Bob Rieger
Westerly, RI
Gauntlet bottom.jpg
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Gauntlet top.jpg
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Re: Need Help with Printing Problem

Postby airscapes » Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:06 pm

I can't say for sure what is causing that. I can tell you 3d printing is not plug and play there is a rather steep learning curve as you are learning your printer, (thing that can mechanically be incorrectly adjusted) slicer software, filament type and quality all combine to make figuring out issues like this very difficult. My printer is not your printer, the slicing software I use may not be what you use, the pla I use may not be the same as you are using. Then add the fact you are slinging molten plastic at high speed.. and you get the idea..

You can expect a good pint if all the above come together.
Thinks to check:
Starting height
Bed level
filament diameter (measure it in different location over a few yards and use the average to set the filament diameter in your slicing software.
Filament drive tension

Speed.. Speed is expressed in mm per Second and mm per Minute depending on the manufacture. This can be set in the slicer and typically everyone uses mm per second mmS So if you are printing at 100 mmS you are way to fast. I would not print something I want to look good over 60mmS and only things that are flat and wide like the gauntlet.

Fan speed with PLA should be 0% first layer and 100% for the rest of the print.
This forum had very few people looking at it, I would suggest you go to your slicers forum and your printer manufacture forum as you work through the learning curve. I have only been doing this since Feb but I have been printing and read non stop
Here is a link to and index of image I submitted of the finished Unlibited and V2 hands, still waiting on approval

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Re: Need Help with Printing Problem

Postby bobrieg1 » Fri Aug 03, 2018 3:36 pm

Thank you so much for your very comprehensive reply! Your one message just about doubled my knowledge!

I actually discovered the main source of my random "blobs". It turns out there was a small leak around the printing nozzle (not tightened enough), and when the plastic oozed out it randomly fell onto the print. It was very slight, but over the course of several hours it was a problem.

I've fixed the nozzle problem, and I really appreciate your comments on the different parameters I should watch. Thanks again for all your help!


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Re: Need Help with Printing Problem

Postby airscapes » Fri Aug 03, 2018 3:53 pm

Good to hear you got it worked out!

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Re: Need Help with Printing Problem

Postby Samika579 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 3:58 am

That was quite a detailed answer.

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