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Postby tracjoh351 » Sun Mar 22, 2015 2:25 pm

I'd like to buy a 3D printer. I like the Lulzbot mini, but I'm not sure if the envelope is big enough to print a Cyborg Beast adult-size gauntlet. Further, this printer only uses 3mm filament. Will it still work?
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Jason M Bryant
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Re: Printer

Postby Jason M Bryant » Mon Mar 23, 2015 12:15 pm

I don't think the 152mm x 152mm x 158mm build space is big enough. A Raptor Reloaded guantlet at 175% requires about 170mm of length.

My printer is 225x145x100m. (Technically more than 100mm in height, but it starts having problems at 100m). At that size I can print out adult sizes of the standard hands just fine. I can't print the cuff for an RIT arm at more than 150%. I also can't print adult sizes of the thermoform gauntlet. I like my Wanhao Duplicator 4x, it was a good printer for a low price, but I might get something bigger next time.

A printer with a 3mm printer size shouldn't be a problem. You just have to buy filament in that size. I believe Skip Metze uses it. He's talked about cutting off bits of 3mm filament and using them directly for certain parts.

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Re: Printer

Postby joecross » Fri Apr 10, 2015 3:19 pm

tracjoh351 wrote:I'd like to buy a 3D printer.

Check out our Printer Review site - it has reviews from other members. It's kinda small right now, but you may find some useful feedback on different printers that you're considering. And PLEASE add a review of your printer when you finally get one!

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Re: Printer

Postby Peregrine Hawthorn » Wed Apr 29, 2015 6:34 pm

Make sure to check (and contribute to) he thread here on buying 3d printers: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6
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