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Settings for PETG Filament for printing Phoenix V2

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 10:18 am
by emonaghan
Dear Community,

We have successfully printed a couple of Phoenix V2 hands using PLA filament on a Flashforge Dreamer printer. We have now just purchased two skin-tone PETG filaments and would like to print another hand using that filament. Does anybody have any experience with this? Looking specifically for settings.

Also, have purchased some skin tone flexible filament (from Filamentum) for the mesh part of the hand. Would like to hear from anybody who is using this and has experience printing.

Thanks in advance!

Erika Monaghan (

Re: Settings for PETG Filament for printing Phoenix V2

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 4:35 pm
by airscapes
Only can comment on Esun PETG on a Maker Gear M2 using S3D v 4.01
Temp 245, bed 80, alter Filament diameter setting to match actual diameter if not 1.75.
Print speed between 30 and 40mmS
Starting height must be set exactly, .02 too high won't stick, too low will string more and gather on nozzle.
XY movement speed (speed when not printing) should be 200mmS or less my machines default as 300mS by reducing you will eliminate most of the strings
NO FAN needed
Use supports as sparingly as possible as they will be very difficult to remove as PETG is very sticky and gooie
Retraction speed should match print speed of a little less.
Retraction distance on a direct drive machine is dependent on nozzle size.. .80-1.10mm works for my machine with .20 extra restart when using .50 nozzle . I have not use petg for a hand, and tend to use ABS as it seems to work better at making tiny holes for string line. However PETG is a lot easier to print than ABS as it needs no enclosure. PETG also is a bit harder to post process (sand) than ABS. Good luck and play with it for a while printing things you know how to print well in PLA to try and match the end results of each material