2 Things polio and adhesive

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2 Things polio and adhesive

Postby sigyn » Sun May 01, 2016 2:07 pm

Heh ok so
1. I wanted to know the most recommended method of attaching a prosthetic to the body. The pieces weigh .05oz each. And the flesh surface has no protrusions.

Super thanks!

Then my partner is a polio survivor his leg is modestly deformed mostly just skinny with a ankle that keeps rolling on him. Especly as he gets older. But the proper shoes cost about 6 grand a year?so I asked if certain braces could assist. None currently on the market. So I turn here. He needs basically support on the outside of his foot to keep it from rolling while hopefully making the foot size equal to his opposing one so he doesn't have to buy 2 pairs of shoes.

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