Contact information to showcase a handicapped invention.

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Contact information to showcase a handicapped invention.

Postby LyndisConnections » Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:09 pm

Just as the title implies. My wife and I designed a handicapped device that she calls "the connector" I would like to get in contact with the owner of e nable preferably a gentlemen who created this company. Just like him I was watching you tube videos and came across his name on one of the videos.
We have already made prints for this unit using some 3d Printed parts and some extruded metal. We created a company called Leverage Designs. The purpose of the company was to design, invent and develop things to help assists those who are less fortunate. Leverage Designs does not use motors or servos, but springs, leverage, and moving devices that are not motorized. We are doing this out of kindness because God has gifted us both with the talent to create and design. I am a retired engineer wanting to give back to those who need inventors to create devices, and inventions to make their lives better in this world. Please get me in contact with someone we can share our knowledge and experience with.
Thank you
Bill and Lyndi Schonfelder.

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