2016 Autodesk Summer Internship funding

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2016 Autodesk Summer Internship funding

Postby marlacparker » Sat Jan 09, 2016 8:32 pm

The 2016 Enable​ Community Foundation Summer Fellowship program is still in development but a fast-breaking opportunity has just arisen. If you are at a company, university, or research institution with a project suitable for a college student with advanced​ ​Autodesk software skills, please read this immediately due to the very short deadline, January 15.

Late Breaking Opportunity:
Autodesk Summer Internship Opportunity for
e-NABLE-related projects.

The Enable Community Foundation has been invited to submit up to 5 Proposals for Autodesk Student Expert Summer Internship​s. Autodesk will ​award $15,000 per internship to have an Autodesk Student Expert to use Autodesk software products (​such as Fusion360) to work on a well defined and worthy e-NABLE ​project, and to write a report at the end of the Summer.​ The program seems to ​targeted toward companies and academic labs.

Autodesk doesn't promise to approve, or to fund, all 5 proposals, but we expect proposals for work similar to the (awesome!) 2015 Pilot Summer Internship projects might be approved.
    If Autodesk approves a Principal Investigator's proposal, it is posted in the Autodesk Education Expert network. (​I​f you​r organization has a student with relevant expertise with Autodesk software, have them join the program! They'll be eligible, and there are additional benefits).

    If a Student candidate ​responds to you​r proposal, you will negotiate salary and expenses based upon the the Autodesk award of $15,000 to your organization, applicable to Stipend, Travel, Expenses, and/or lodging.

    Details about eligibility and proposals are in the attached PDF (​but note that ECF's deadline is Jan 15, and for ECF, non-US organizations are eligible if you can stay within the $15,000 allocation. )
If you're interested:
    Read the attached PDF and let us know--immediately!--if you plan to write up a competitive proposal THIS WEEK.

    If we see that more than 5 proposals are likely, we will develop a process to select the​ top​ 5 for transmission to AutoDesk.

    You must ​​submit your proposal to the ​ECF by Friday, January 15, 2016 so we can pass​ vetted proposals to Autodesk by Monday Jan 17.
To submit your proposal to the ECF, please email it to:
    Jon Schull <jschull@enablecommunityfoundation.org>, Marla Parker <marlacparker@enablecommunityfoundation.org>,Rich Lehrer <e3coordinator.enable@gmail.com>, Grace Mastalli <gmastalli@enablecommunityfoundation.org>

Submissions are welcome and encouraged before the Friday deadline, especially if you'd like our feedback on a draft proposal.
Autodesk Student Expert Summer Internship.pdf
Submit to ECF by Friday Jan 15
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Re: 2016 Autodesk Summer Internship funding

Postby marlacparker » Sun Jan 10, 2016 12:22 pm

A note for STUDENTS about this funding:

This call for applications is for educators and researchers who might hire you. There is nothing for you to do this week..... unless... you know of a researcher who might hire you to do such work, given a little funding. And you are already skilled in using Autodesk software like Inventor or Fusion 360, and an Autodesk Student Expert (http://www.studentexpert.net). In that case, feel free to contact the researcher and try to get them to apply. A draft of what you think they should propose might be appreciated, but do not send it to ECF, send it to the researcher.

Also: do not get excited about the budget. There is zero expectation that $15k would go directly to a summer intern. Nor is the hourly wage mentioned in the pdf from Autodesk very realistic for most of the world. (It is realistic for designer and software engineer interns in expensive markets like San Francisco and Boston.) Some of the budgeted funds may go to the hosting institution rather than the student or for lab expenses related to the student work. All those details will be up to the Principal Investigator, the researcher who might hire you.

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