RULES: General Device Approvals

Community driven device approvals.
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RULES: General Device Approvals

Postby etf_admin » Mon Mar 13, 2017 8:31 pm

In order to start the process:
  1. Join us at our Google plus community and introduce yourself! ... 6887179986
  2. Register for a forums account here: ucp.php?mode=register - you may link your google account after you register. NOTE: registrations are completed via email verification. Please check your spam folder for an email shortly after you submit your request.

Post a video on of the device with the following and link it here:
  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Manipulate the device, show its functionality.
  3. Show print quality:
    1. Show that it is adjustable when applicable
    2. Show print features closely and highlight any problems in the test print
    3. Stress test - manually attempting to bend fingers and other solid parts
  4. Where did the design come from?
  5. What type of printer did you use?
  6. Explain what challenges you encountered and how they were addressed

When ready to share it with us, please:
  • Browse to the "Approvals and Submissions" category (viewforum.php?f=21)
  • Create a "New Topic"
    • Set the subject to "Requesting approval by [NAME]"
    • In the main container:
      • List your name
      • where you're from
      • the type of device
      • video link as requested above

Once completed and confirmed by a designated manager, you and/or your team can claim your badge from Jen Owen's at the following location:

Need help uploading to share? You can use simple guides such as:

Please be patient while we refine our process. Designated approval managers will be assigned as we grow our workflows.

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