Sample Video of What to Submit for Virtual Approval

Community driven device approvals.
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Sample Video of What to Submit for Virtual Approval

Postby Ebubar » Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:31 pm

Hey Enable! I'm Eric Bubar, one of many makers trying to Enable the Future. I'll be one of the folks watching and approving the virtual submissions. I've thrown together this quick video showing what you should submit and what kinds of things we'll be looking for in your submissions.

All information on this process of submission for approval can be found through these forums, or the google plus community. Thanks for helping to Enable the Future!

If this were for approval I would list "Requesting Approval" in the subject.
Then, before the video link, I would post:

Eric Bubar (my name)
Arlington VA (the more specific you are, the better we can do with matching)
Team Unlimbited Phoenix hand (type of device)

Then post your video link:

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