Approval Requested

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Approval Requested

Postby sjordan » Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:42 pm

Hi, my name is Stephen Jordan. My neice was born without her left forearm or hand. I am the Engineering/Robotics instructor at a local high school.
My sister in law shared an article about a hand that was built for someone using 3d printers. When I started researching the design, I found that it was downloaded from Thingiverse and accredited to E-Nable. My sister in law then asked me if I could prototype an arm for my neice.

About the arm: It is the Isabella arm. It was downloaded from Thingiverse. The colored parts are printed with either a Makerbot mini replicator or a monoprice select 3d printer. I used standard PLA with a melting temp between 190-230 for the parts printed on these devices. The white parts are print using a Uprint by Demenisions utilizing ABS400. When I measured the arm, I found that the scale would have to be much smaller if she was going to try to start wearing the device. The average scale was roughly 78%. This meant that the kit from 3D universe would not work. I custom purchased and created things to replace the items that would not work. I used Kevlar fising line for tendons. I used smaller dental bands for the return action. I used Flowable silicon to manufacute finger coverings to enhance the grip.

Due to the reduced size, I had to fix the tension. The size of the pins were simple to small for adjustable use. This would not be something I would do on an arm for a different person. I can adjust my neices arm anytime. I would design a different tension device for an arm this small. Overall, the arm has been a success and the students are excited.


Stephen Jordan
Engineering/Robotics Instructor
Hattiesburg High School
Hattiesburg, MS

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Re: Approval Requested

Postby Ebubar » Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:56 pm

Hey Stephen,

The arm looks great! I see no issues or problems with it, but for approval and badging, I'd technically need to see a stock device.
Its apparent you know how to create devices and are good with the process, especially if the device is working for your niece.

Christian Silva has a design (called the priometric arm, I believe) that might be even better suited for such a small recipient.

With that scale, you're pushing the boundaries of how low you can go and Christian's new design is supposed to fix some of the issues
with smaller devices. Are you on the facebook R&D groups? If not, shoot me a message at and we can get you setup there.

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Re: Approval Requested

Postby sjordan » Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:45 pm

I am not in any R&D groups. I just sent you an email from my work account. My class is working on an adult Phoenix currently to resubmit for approval. We will film it and resubmit when it is finished.

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