Approval Request Enabling The Future Barrington

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Approval Request Enabling The Future Barrington

Postby ETFBarrington » Mon Mar 12, 2018 12:43 am

We are submitting the video for your approval for our build of the Phoenix V2 hand.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Teri Meyer
Barrington Chapter
Barrington, IL

Phoenix Hand V2 printed on Robo 3D R1+ with PLA (hatchbox brand)

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Re: Approval Request Enabling The Future Barrington

Postby Ebubar » Tue Mar 13, 2018 4:04 pm

Hey Teri,

The print looks great. You could increase the tensioning a small amount. You want a 45 degree angle between the gauntlet and the table when the palm is laid flat on the table. You can clean the slanted part of the fingers by orienting it to point at the cooling fan while it prints. That has helped to improve my own fingertip prints.

Consider this message your approval for the Phoenix V2 fabrication and assembly badges!

The approval badges are currently being sent out through a website called credly, so you'll need to get an account on there:

There is work being done to move to a new badging system (called badgr) but all your credly badges will transfer over. This transfer is occurring tonight, so if you don't get your claim in soon, you'll likely need to use the new badging system to get this (and all future) badges. Instructions on joining badgr will be sent out once the new system is live (i'm still trying to figure it out myself so can't offer much advice yet). Its all through a GOOGLE FORM and seems pretty straightforward to me.

Once you have an account you can take a screenshot of this post or submit the link for this post into credly to claim your approval badge here:

Also checkout the enablingthefuture page for getting involved to see what other badges you might be able to get:

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