Requesting Approval by Mohamed Doba

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Mohamed Doba
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Requesting Approval by Mohamed Doba

Postby Mohamed Doba » Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:12 pm

Hello, my name is Mohamed Doba,
we are a team of six mechatronics engineers,
we live in Sana'a/Yemen,
because of the war in our country we decide to file for a chapter and start making a helping hand to our people who need it the most.
so we have started the first step by making the test hand.
this is a Requesting Approval for Unlimbited Phoenix hand


Mohamed Doba
Sana'a Yemen
e-NABLE Yemen
Team members:
Mohamed Doba, Hamzah Al-maqtari, Amjed Al-katabi, Abdulmalik Shari, Majed Mohamed and Bassel mohamed

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Re: Requesting Approval by Mohamed Doba

Postby Ebubar » Mon Mar 19, 2018 6:43 pm

Hey Mohamed,

We are no longer doing approvals through the forums. Here's the updated place to submit:

The new badging system is live!

Get approved to build hands today! Click this.....…/1FAIpQLSdQmSNRdWCe7J6Qid…/viewform

Fill out that google form for all badges.
Once you have badges, you will find recipients through registration on:

That is where you can find recipients that need devices and offer your assistance.
Currently, there are probably more helpers than helpees, so think about other ways you can contribute too.
Enable is a BIG community and printing hands for people, while rewarding is not the only type of volunteering you
can do to help. Come up with ideas and try stuff!

Hope that helps. Cheers, Eric

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