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The Purpose of this sub-forum for Dexterity Hand

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:41 pm
by Ken Bice
In the early phases of the release of the Dexterity Hand design, many useful comments and issues have been written in a few places - specifically in comments of each video, and the e-NABLE R&D Collaborations closed Facebook page.

In an effort to create a place where we can consolidate the information, and hold discussions that everyone can find easily, I have created this sub-forum in an easily accessible place.

From choose the menu item "Get Involved", subitem "Forums".
It is also accessible from

If you think we need another topic beyond the ones I listed here, feel free to add one. You will need a login before you can do so (I think). Let me know if you don't have rights and I will add it for you.

Please feel free to post and peruse this sub-forum and contribute to the amazing work started by Dominick Scalise!

Ken Bice, forum moderator