ARM/ Hand for adult with no elbow

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ARM/ Hand for adult with no elbow

Postby oksoonershark » Sat May 26, 2018 8:55 pm

Hello, everyone I want to start of by saying this type of community is what really gives me hope for humanity. I am amazed by you all and your efforts to help others and I hope I can do the same in my career. I have recently gotten accepted to medical school and these stories I hear from you all get me excited for my future. However, a mentor of mine that I known all my life and is essentially a second father was in a car accident two years ago and severed his arm above his elbow joint. WIth the plenty of free time I have this summer, I am determined in helping find a prosthetic for him. He's a person that loves being active and doing things like playing drums and just playing with his kids.He is now dealing with depression for the lack of the ability to do the things he once use to and feels like hes missing a part of his life now unable to play with his kids and doing some of his hobbies. I am willing to learn programs, designs, etc. and have even came up with some ideas on how using abduction of the should to active the grasping mechanism for the hand but I have never done anything like this. So if there is a design already set or someone is willing to work with me to come up with one I will forever be grateful and I know my mentor's life would change forever. I am in the southwest suburb of chicago and am willing to commute any where in the chicagoland if need be. Let me know what you think. You can comment here or send me an email at Thanks.

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Re: ARM/ Hand for adult with no elbow

Postby takay » Thu Jul 18, 2019 9:28 am

Hi buddy, that is true indeed. He is a special guy for all of us. I would love to speak more on him, do check your mail.


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