Merging Les' code

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Merging Les' code

Postby laird » Sat Jul 18, 2015 2:33 pm

Working in the les_hall branch:
- Added logic so that Refactored() is only called for the Raptor Reloaded design, and the old Assembled() is called for all other hands (which didn't appear to be supported in the refactored code). This means that the app works, and we can move different hands over incrementally.
- Added all of the scaling, etc., parameters into Refactored calls so that it has the same method signature as Assembled (and values are passed explicitly instead of as globals). This makes it easy to switch between old and new code for testing, etc.
- Didn't test scaling yet. The code looks to be there. It's a big testing effort, though.
- Need to add the raptor reloaded parts into the individual part rendering (i.e. outside of assembly view). This needs refactoring similar to the assembly, so it's easier to manage going forward.
- Need to add 'explode' offsets to assembly. This enables the exploded view in the app, and also animations, etc.

My goal this weekend is to get the Raptor Reloaded parts added, and to test the scaling to make sure that it works after refactoring. Then the app will basically be working, and I'll merge the code into the dev branch so that more people can work on it out of a basically working dev branch.

Let's post here as this work proceeds.
- Laird Popkin

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