Kayaking Arm

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Kayaking Arm

Postby Nicholas Hall » Thu Jan 14, 2016 7:59 pm

This was first posted by Jen Owen on the forum but I thought it belonged here as well. It's not a design, just a great example of a purpose build terminal device. Do you think that a printed version of this could be made and adapted to Aaron Browns Picatinny Rail hand? Would it be strong enough? The forces on it would be quite high. I think there are quite a few kids who would be excited about this one.

Here is a link to the original post along with the text that Jen wrote:

https://plus.google.com/115810399850545 ... 1pJz7VCw84

Hey folks!
+Jen Reeves who runs the Born Just Right page - gave me permission to share her daughter's photos in here that show a hand prosthetic that is specifically made for paddling/ bike riding.

I am thinking that maybe we need to start really considering creating devices that are less "hand looking" and more practical for things that kids and adults might need to use them for. While the current designs are great with 5 fingers etc - it would be so much easier if we just made simple tools that could be used for specific tasks.

With the cost of the plastic being next to nothing - a kid could easily have a bike riding "hand" - a paddling "hand", a "tool hand" , a "pencil/crayon/marker" hand etc.

Anyone want to try making something like that? I think it would really cool if we had that option too. :)

Also - if you haven't seen "How to train your Dragon 2" - you need to. Some of the coolest Viking prosthetics EVER! ;)

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