Lee Tippi finger grip alternative?

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Lee Tippi finger grip alternative?

Postby nrhunter » Thu Aug 16, 2018 2:46 pm

Is there an alternative to the Lee Tippi finger grips?

The cost of the build is relatively cheap until they have to be purchased. Getting hold of them in the UK is difficult unless I buy them off eBay, but if I do that they are multicoloured tips. The only way I can get clear tips is buy from 3D universe. However their kits are ridiculously expensive for what they contain. They making about 200% profit off those parts. I think given that we want to give up our time, effort and materials that the least we could have is cheaper required parts. For instance the Lee Tippi parts in their kits cost them just $3.50 for 10 tips, so why are the kits so expensive??

So yeah, are there any modified fingers or different grips that can be used? As the printed fingers have no grip at all it makes the hands sort of useless.

I look forward to hearing from anyone that cares

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