Raising Awareness. Looking for a used Arm for Art & Engineering Project

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Tuomas Ketola
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Raising Awareness. Looking for a used Arm for Art & Engineering Project

Postby Tuomas Ketola » Mon Oct 15, 2018 4:21 pm

I first heard of e-NABLE at Mozilla Festival festival last year and have since been wanting to get involved. I recently joined a Computer Science department at University of London and I am hoping to get access to a 3d-printer soon so I can become a Maker.

At the moment I was hoping to help in another way: By raising awareness in the Computer Science community. My degree involves a project where used technology that is otherwise disregarded is turned into something new. These projects are shown to the public and featured on the universities website. I was hoping to have a used arm from the e-NABLE project that a child has out grown as my piece of used technology. I would turn the arm into a rock, paper, scissors game that you could compete against:)

What I wish to achieve with the project is to spread the idea of e-NABLE to get more people involved.

If you happen to have an arm or a hand you no longer need please do contact me. If you happen to be based in London, even better, but I am also more than happy to cover all possible expenses such as postage.

Thank you for taking the time to read this

Tuomas Ketola

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