othesis for Briachial plexus injury

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othesis for Briachial plexus injury

Postby erfinder » Thu Nov 29, 2018 12:23 am

Today Francisco from Spain who works visited me at Erfindergarden a fab lab mainly focused on teenagers here in Munich.

As a baby he weighted 5 kg and is arm got hurt at birth when they tried to pull him out, fearing that he would smother.

He has the same strength in the injured right arm as in the left arm but his lower arm is shorter then his lift arm and he his hand is smaller and he has little strenght in his fingers.

When he drives a car with two hands his left arm gets tired after a while so he only uses is left arm suffering from back pain as he is not sitting straight.

I came to us because he saw all this DIY prothesis arms with hands but has not seen a solution for his special orthotics case. He is thinking about some kind of orthesis to enhance is arm and make it 15 to 20 cm longer and make his finger stronger so he get get a better grip.

I am completely new to this field and first wanted to ask the international fablab community if they had similar cases. Do you know of a similar project? The condition is called “Brachial plexus injury”.

How can I add pictures here.

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